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SPLASH of ART on our Shower Stall at the Barn of ART

by Tina Melton

Tina's mosaic came together with majestic and loving energy! To craft this masterpiece, she gave a few weeks of her time, several hours a day. As autumn deepened around us, it was downright cold in the barn some days and nights, but moment by moment, along with a lot of glue and a lot of patience, Tina imparted much love and positive flow into her work. It was a fascinating process to witness, and the end result was more than worth the wait.

As you enter the big door on the east side of the barn, Tina's work will capture your eyes right away. The patterns and colors lead you into the waves that splash out of the earthen tiles.The eclectic choices of materials she used, such as mixing natural with man-made items make this intriguing in close study. Tina has a unique style. Her ingenuity to use what is available and not waste played its part. She carefully placed each element and, due to the cold, sometimes had to re-glue pieces. What fortitude and perseverance it took to complete. And did she not finish it extraordinarily well? Along with her creativity, Tina’s strength of character and determination to succeed shine through this piece of many pieces.

~ a mosaic masterpiece by Tina Melton keeps your eyes searching, swimming over the rumbling three waves

evolution. water. prosperity.

flow with this creation! f l o w with ART!

Foothills Farm is also in process of creating her mosaic piece of art! We are craftily setting pieces in place to build a little wholesome artsy village, strategizing and planning out so many aspects of nature, gardening, and art that we are gluing together. We are assembling a package of options, a mosaic for our future participants and community members to partake.

Stay tuned. Sign up to our e-mail list. Visit by phone or schedule for an on-site appointment to view the farm and see for yourself what we are doing.