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Updated: Oct 10, 2021


I write of my plans now for the village forth coming upon sacred ground there in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of north Georgia.

As of October 1st, the property is no longer on the market for sale and I am heading back east this week to focus on and continue accomplishing the vision!

And that vision is for my former horse farm to be transformed. Transformed into an Organic Food Distribution Center, Farmstays, and Outdoor Event Venue at The Barn of ART, built around the love of NATURE & ART!

Moving forward, let's turn the corner with some new options. I propose that we pioneer a new and more harmonious way of doing business with how we manipulate our use of land. Some are working toward providing solutions. Indeed, that is the intent here as I present you with how I think we c o u l d potentially handle some real estate transactions. See if you follow my logic.

The investment approach I've structured is similar to a commercial real estate ground lease and my over simplification of how it works. The individual or corporation leases the agreed upon pad/ground for a long term, 99 year lease. The tenant then builds their business and operates as per the parties agreement. This is structured and works in such a way that it is very close, or for the most part, is looked at and treated as though the entity owns the property.

Why can't we coin this idea and tweak it to work as a short term ground lease, on small agriculturally zoned farm for a little spot of land for individuals to farmstead and farm collectively as well? I say we can and we will!

You can choose to invest at Foothills Farm as a temporary or permanent resident. We have customary options and solutions. Together we will examine your needs, then carve out the time period that you wish to pay for and the size lot you want. The price of the homeplace would then depend on both of those criteria. Simple, you own it for as long as you need it!

Just what is this concept of a homeplace?

a homeplace is a spot of dirt that you lease for short or long term, placing a small abode on it which you sponsor. then once approved you build one of the following.

*** a tiny home, yurt, tree-house, or an earth friendly style home such as an adobe or perhaps you build a small A-frame cabin on a little piece of land tucked in the woods;

it's your space, your "homeplace!" You pay land rent and sponsor the cost to build out your unit and that is homeplace, to call your own for your designated length of a time period.

We then work together with a small amount of your individual time, donated and simultaneously working together on a common goal, to grow our community garden. We build upwards from the garden to distribute food to the greater community. Continue the vision and growth to one day, offer a farm to table concept, a member club for the purchasing of organic food and wholesome products, and ultimately the distribution of those products to the at large community.

Interested in investing in a temporary homeplace?

Here is how I see that working. Book your calendar first. Then for the remainder of the year, you agree to rent out your homeplace, earning for yourself 70% of the revenue from rentals. Foothills Farm receives 30% for common area maintenance and management fees.

I also have plans to continue building out the barn. It is a super cool space now without the horses. 12x12 solid oak stalls are available for rent to artists for work and commerce. As long as the artist has a business permit they are allowed to sell their wares at The Barn of ART. Also, the barn could easily house a condo or two. There is a sub-floor already in place, just ready for us to lay out and get busy building upon! Let's create a little bohemian style village at The Barn of ART around the love of art & nature.

Three acre lots also will be sold to approved parties for traditional homes, on a first come first serve/approval basis. This awaits the survey and rezoning procedure which I will have in the works as soon as my arrival back there mid October.

Obviously, each deal will have to be carved out individually with the objective to reach a win/win circumstance.

This offer is by qualification and invitation only. It is my desire to bring together the right folk! If you are reading this, you are invited to speak to this further!

This writ is only ideas on paper with which we can share, discuss further & move forward examining how we may work something out. If you are interested in more info and are serious, then feel free to call or text me so that we can further discuss. Please feel free to hit me up after October 15th!...I am on the road, heading east as of the posting of this blog.

I plan to hold a meeting of the minds on site by the first of November at which time we can delve further into discussion. Oh so much more to come!!!

I am seeking the right SURVEYOR, ideally one who would like to do a partial or full trade for the work I will need done.

Secondly, I am looking for assistance in setting up community under natural law. I intend to file for non profit status under the current legal system for community.

this is who we are... hosts to others who wish to enjoy nature

Those of us who have been on the farm as we've hosted campers over the last two years through Hipcamp, have seen so much joy in folks as they spend time outside in nature and camp out on this very sacred spot of earth

formerly known by the Cherokee Nation as wolfscatch

it is with reverence and honor to mention this. wolfscatch. but it is my striving to find now the balance and harmony with which our fore goers exhibited in living with nature

and amongst one another.

may we find that once again

let us build the flip side of society as we move forward with the wisdom of our past.

tread lightly. do no harm.



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