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Bring on anything ART

The Barn of ART aspires to collect ARTISTS of all sorts with their talents and wares to set up a work spaces here in the stalls in the barn. Make your ART in a magically creative environment around like minded artists. We are private. We have plenty of open space to move around. The barn is cozy and we have the modern day conveniences!

Our goal is to attract artists who work various mediums and creative levels in all aspects of art.

Sculpt here. Blacksmith here. Leather work. Quilting groups.

Why couldn't someone hold music lessons here for home-schoolers? One could hold classes here for Yoga, indoors or out, it is a perfect place for it!

Sponsor a music event . . . we could continue brainstorming because the opportunities are endless.

These are the foundation blocks. From here our ideas and plans move forward in synchronization as to how we build the future of this charming barn space together.

join us.  spread the word. visit. create.

together this goes in the direction we navigate it part of this dynamic, magical space creating in a wholesome, nature inspired art venue.

 Barn of ART at        FOOTHILLS FARM 

Pottery Wheel

spin your wheel here

create your passion of expression in this magical space


let's make music here

pack your instrument, grab your band, let's enjoy music



Leather Craftsman

rent a stall for workspace

Still Life Painting

schedule a festival here

LOCATED IN THE FOOTHILLS of The Appalachian Mountains

host an event here.jpg

host an event here

...The Barn of ART at FOOTHILLS FARM could be the place to host your event! Each one is a great opportunity to create a work of ART in real time!


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If you like what we are up to and can contribute a kind donation, click here! We are gratefuL.

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