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BOMBS of SEEDS . . . please save the MILKWEED !!!

KNOWN TODAY as SEED BOMBING, it has been and continues to be helpful as a means for individuals to contribute a bump in assisting nature with a boost towards more abundance, particularly where native plants are rare.

Today, though, I suggest that we continue the mindful bombing of flower s e e d s, in addition we bomb a new species of SEEDS ... IDEAS! Along with spreading natural seeds let us agree that IDEAS are seeds too. With sowing, nurturing, pruning, and maturation, we can affect CHANGE immediately through nature and her truths.

NATURE holds the answers for our futures!

TALK ABOUT IMPACT! THE MILK WEED shown above C O U L D HAVE come from seed that fell out of my partner Michael's truck, but who knows?!?

Yeah, I was driving home from town and kept noticing healthy milkweed plants. Then like the stretch above, a plethora of plants along the road most of the way back home! I knew immediately that I had to stop for photos.

Michael's been known to plant native seeds on his home land, his private farm, and along empty embankments that are appropriate. As with Michael who has made a study of South Dakota native plants, then by all means...

Go, scatter rare seeds! If you are not sure yourself, research well or go with someone who KNOWS which are right in your region/area at the time of spreading.

Check this article here for a current & informative article on seed bombing:

One thing that Michael has done since 1982 is scatter seeds.

His first experience was when he chanced upon the Groundplum milkvetch near the River Cheyenne. (This being one of his favorite, if not his favorite spot on earth. It is magnificent!) Of course he knew that is was an edible fruit. Michael realized that he would like to see it spread, so he acted upon the IDEA of collecting seeds from her! He did so and today, 40 years later, I can walk out and see the results of this, of course with his help to find them! See his farm facebook page here:

Here is a novice little video I made of Michael and I scattering seed at the ole place in Faulkton, S.D. where he grew up youngest son of a farming family.

From the time I first heard the term seed bombing and mindfully giving it some actual thought, was back in 2013. Sometimes it takes a little time for a seed to germinate.

Of course a TREE, because of the mere size, is our most impactful to analyze the miracle which lies wrapped in a seed, that tiny seed that will grow such large life!

Know, also that a seed can lie dormant for many years. Then suddenly with the right conditions it POPS WITH LIFE and then, you find yourself sitting in the shade of that HUGE TREE. Profound is it not? Just try to really put your head around it, will you?

Milk weed flowers & IDEA SEEDS are the topic today though. There is so much opportunity! LIFE and more life. . . along with other critters, the milkweed exclusively feeds the monarch butterfly. The only plant that the monarch will lay eggs upon. Check out this article:

Michael Is known around the high plains for his life-time activism and involvement in

RE- FORM -ING NATURE & her future. I use the term reforming, because that is what this man is doing. It is has been a way of life, one step after the other, always an ON-GOING way of life. He has exhibited it through building upon the concept that nature herself would be returning each year with new seeds & life with the ONLY exception that of dire circumstances. Circumstances that each of us can get our minds around AND we can sort out how EACH ONE CONTRIBUTES toward a more healthy environment. The dire circumstances of mono cropping, altering the landscape without thought of the native species & life that thrives from it along with the climate altering, the garbage solutions chosen, loss of top soil, and the list is sadly very long. We each must consider answers such as Michael has long recognized and practiced. He has published articles, a couple of books of which his hard copy, "TRUE," is dedicated to assisting one in becoming more aware of what lies all around you in nature & earth. His writing challenges you to do the things that you MUST in order to AFFECT CHANGE. In a seed hull, it is simple: as you walk life's path, only take that which is provided naturally & return a portion therein throughout

your life's w a l k .

Foothills Farm is scattering seeds of IDEAS through PERMACULTURE! One of the first things that permaculture gardeners recommend is to listen to your land.

L i s t e n to the way it grows in the balance of and with nature.

At Foothills Farm we have returned to a 100% AGRICULTURAL vision for the farm. For the next few months or so we are simply awaiting as to "hear" what needs to transpire at Foothills Farm, formerly wolfscratch, cherokee nation land

i believe that the way forward is in finding our way back. back into balance with nature and her buoyance or support network which we are a part of.

let's pioneer the way forward

differently than what we know & practice currently.

The concept of SEEDBOMING an IDEA!


Now is the time for major changes and transformation from the "grass roots." That's us earth warriors! Transforming is key & the mind is where trans form ing begins.

To "know" or "knowing" is a verb in action, it is active, not passive!



seeking peace on earth,


May we sow the change now!

Do no harm. Be positive. Connect to nature. Assist, never harm nature. Protect life. Be helpful. Walk softly. Listen. Observe. Defend. Tread Lightly. Be ACTIVE to promote more sustainable methods of living, which we can all pioneer forward in much better & naturally balanced w a y s forward, within family, community, and extended.

Be a positive SEED BOMB!

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