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We honor those who've trod these paths before us, such as the cherokee nations. It is our goal to honor them and the like minded of today to pioneer our future

finding the way back in balance with nature & her ways.

From our past ...



...Originally occupied by the Cherokee Nations, thousands of acres (as we call it) in these Appalachian Foothills was known to them as Wolfscratch, so legend has it. The story passed on has it that many chiefs came to these hills to meet here and make important decisions for all of the tribes. This is sacred ground! We honor it and defend it. Foothills Farm , Marble Hill, and the lands around  here were later settled by the Europeans.

Foothills Farm was established in 2001, with the clearing of the forest to create the beautiful pastures you see today. 


The farm house and stables were built in 2005. Marla ran a successful equestrian breeding and training facility. In 2009 Marla decided to lease the property and move out west. The farm was operated throughout those years as an equestrian training and boarding establishment by former tenants.


new gate Michael built2.JPG

...Since Marla’s return in 2018, she has been building upon her goals to create a sustainable community. The community being built will be based around  the permaculture concept, with an outside revenue stream from accommodations. In the near morrows, we will be formulating & building the infrastructure of our operations! Get involved! Be proactive and join others who are seeking new solutions and carving new paths!

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We welcome the future as we carve the way with options in banking, finance, and bartering as we grow, sell, share food

and products from within our local

farmers network.

We offer investments opportunities in yurts, cabins, tiny houses, and other free energy structures. We are offering investment in the farm and community with homesteading lots around the garden!

We plan on many forthcoming projects

complimenting the needs of future necessities.

We are pioneering the future through nature's lessons in balance, harmony, and purposefulness. We are doing so through our hospitality and accommodations for lodging; and the growing, producing,

and sharing of organic foods, and other natural products all made by local hands


            Tread lightly! Do no harm.


We will offer education opportunities in PERMACULTURE

through our  hands-on working environment.




     We are a regenerative farm connecting the greater community with nature’s wisdom & bounty.

Pioneering our future. Walking on and protecting sacred ground. Giving back, as we take from the EARTH. Thriving together in balance, harmony, and regeneration. Tread lightly. Do no harm.

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