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Marla cooley

Marla is a mother of three, grandmother of five, horse breeder & trainer, entrepreneur, farmer, warrior for human rights, animal advocate, and water protector. From her vantage point of six decades worth of life and it's adventures, one constant theme in her life has been her love for the equine. Marla worked with horses on & off for most of her life. She has also studied animal husbandry, the connection, and communication between species for many years. With that in mind, she feels her strongest character traits to carry this banner forward, are her love for animals (people included) and nature. It is from this passion to protect & defend the maxims and laws of nature that drives her to pursue the current endeavors at FOOTHILLS FARM.


​Former history  previous to developing Foothills Farm, Marla opened, owned,

and  operated two successful hospitality  establishments in Gainesville, Georgia; Schlotsky's and The Scoop Parlor (coffee & ice cream!). These two successful ventures were formed  in the 1990s, and ran for an 11 year stent. Scholtsky's Restaurant is still open, year2020 celebrating 25 years! Prior

to this, she  did much volunteer work within church, municipal, and local community action, while growing the kids! 

Joining forces with other game changers and fore-goers to work out clean, regenerative solutions, Marla is feeling ready for the next steps. She is eager to take on the challenges and rewards of developing


and community at large into a renewable, brighter future ...  as we find our way back!



Michael M. Melius has made a name for himself in a number of ways! He has been an environmental activist, birder, naturalist, minimalist, and organic farmer/food producer.

He has made his home on the high plains of South Dakota where he has lived and farmed off-grid and completely green for 40 years. 

Some of his impact can be seen in the many seeds he has scattered, where flowering plants are supporting life in many places across the state of South Dakota and beyond!

Michael is a published author of articles and two books, "True" and "Native Birds of South Dakota."

Additionally, Michael is now a co-owner of Foothills Farm. We welcome his valuable contributions in the way of managing and restoring the land here.

THE VIDEO IS A TRIBUTE TO MICAHEL M. MELIUS for his hard work rehabilitating the front field at FOOTHILLS FARM!

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