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PLAN incredible things & incredible things happen, 
work together in a team & powerful transformations will occur ...
Join us!


Heard it from the little birdie ... if you have interest in any of the projects  below,  contact MARLA. Find out how you can bring your energy to

                    FOOTHILLS FARM!

LOCATED IN THE FOOTHILLS of the Appalachian Mountains

We have perfect spots for off-grid homes,earth friendly.


humble beginnings

humble beginnings by the living woman, marla, year 2015

marla grabbed the idea of building community of like minded folks and began to promote the idea. at this time period, 2013 until 2018, the farm was leased by a horse trainer and his family, to include 20 horses give or take.

prior to that marla designed and built the property to continue an equestrian property for her breeding program. she bred sport ponies & horses until 2009 at which time she moved west to colorado to live in the rockies.

with resources only being the land and improvements modified and updated to accommodate others rather than horses, we are looking now for the right participants. 

we continue in that direction still, and humbly

to forward pioneer solutions in this congested system we find ourselves. we are at a juncture, searching for solutions to help folks find a home . . .


Find your place here running the tractor,

assisting with your energy, or donating for tractor fuel!

We have just the right spot facing the morning sun, on the gently sloping hillside, for a GRAPE VINEYARD    ...LET'S MAKE WINE & FRESH JUICE!

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