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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

TEAM FOOTHILLS is announcing to YOU, the public, our plans for Foothills Farm! Not only are we announcing, but we invite you to be a part of it...have a look below at the schematic layout which we are setting plans in motion to develop further. With the existing occupancy of AWTREY OUTDOORS RV and the accommodations we've provided for travelers, we are electing to further our reach, if you will!

The way we see it here at FOOTHILLS FARM, is that we hold a very sacred piece of ground. We cherish it, want to protect it, and yet it has out grown its original purpose which it was built for, a horse farm. We have struggled with a solution and believe now that we've found a niche which will work in a way that is a win/win, as we can continue to preserve the land, cultivate and produce food products, and share it producing revenue and jobs for others.

We plan a full customization of the horse barn into an EVENT CENTER for ART, MUSIC, and more LODGING. Of course we will house a horse or two, and probably other farm animals.

We have developed a team, at this time, readying us for the logistics to actualize and build this plan. As well we are working to lay out our little farm community and its guidelines. This is happening now, spring quarter, 2021. Yes, we are excited! If you have interest in becoming more involved, we have a more detailed map with photos and descriptions of our plans which we can send you privately.

This blog post is our tool to reach out and find others who would like to show their interest with an investment. We are seeking like-minded interested parties who would like to park some money for a later ROI, or play an active role AND invest money thus having a say in the direction we proceed now. Or, lastly those who may be able to contribute in other ways which are highly needed as well. Money, time, tools, & materials, ... any of it will help out!

If you or someone you know is interested seriously in preserving land, growing food, and developing a community around that and accommodations for travelers, then have them reach out to one of us now! The ball is rolling ... more general info about us on our website


CONTACT marla cooley 605.593.2926



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