GET OUT FOR SOME COUNTRY AIR!...Are you traveling this way

or looking to engage in activities in the area?

We offer our farmhouse through AirBnB, nightly, weekly or sometimes for longer stays.

Find your way out of the city for a break...or lodge with us as you visit one of the many attractions

and activities in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


Traveling with your horse or passing through our way for  a horseback riding vacation? Make plans now for you and your horse to stay here with us!

Perhaps you are looking for the right home to board your horse. FOOTHILLS FARM could be your equestrian resource in these hills..


we are re-designing the future use of the BARN

to include EVENTS, arts shows, music venue...

AWTREY OUTDOORS RV RENTALS, owned by Kaleb & Sarah is a recreational vehichle rental company. You can rent to drive off, have delivered, or stay at one of our spots here on the farm.

While managing their RV rentals onsite, this energetic couple also oversee FOOTHILLS FARM. Check in with Sarah & Kaleb for RV rental or for just about anything happening here on the farm!

Pitch it here for a night of week end get away...Camp out with us and enjoy the wide open night skies. Wake up to the songbirds & sunrise. Hike out, or go visit one of the many attractions you'll find here in the foothills of the great Appalachian Mountains!
     Come hang out with us!

                 ...get to know us!

FOOTHILLS FARM is a great place to host a large event! Each one, an opportunity to create a work of art!

FOOTHILLS FARM is a great place to invest! Let's talk about the many options you can invest your energy, time, and/or money towards the building of community. "Grow With Us" is a dedicated page to several of the grand ideas we are building upon.

                          We are a permaculture hub

connecting community with nature’s wisdom & bounty. 

We are pioneering the future with balance, harmony, and purposefulness through

our hospitality in accommodations, the growing and sharing of organic foods, and other natural products, all made with local hands. It is our team’s desire to exhibit that in our daily lives, and as we do, to give back to EARTH and one other. Part of our mission is to regenerate the land known today as Foothills Farm! Come join up with us! Tread lightly. Do no harm.


320 Steve Tate Highway, Marble Hill,

Georgia, 30148 


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