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How will we build a permaculture villlage? One step at a time, some infrastructure already in place!

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Join, rise up and be part of pioneering and building a village offering solutions to the challenging times we face!

Our next steps are writing bi-laws and setting up simple, but the real logistics of some guidelines to take us forward with business. We have many plans and much laborious type work to do! Such as moving dirt and making more pads for yurts, RV hook ups, and the aquaponics center so that we can grow food all year long, 24-7!

Yes, we have a vision. Yes, we have work to do. Yes, this is short and not terribly informative!

Call, email, or text me for a lengthier conversation. Get in on the early stages of building something great~

Become one of our first outside sponsors!

Our second garden, meager and small and in its infancy this spring. It is larger than the year before and the plan is to make it larger in 2021! Part of the plan for step at a time. In balance and harmony with what we can provide and manage.

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