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We Know You're Out There!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

For several years you've seen our plans for FOOTHILLS FARM on website blogs and the like! Investors, developers, and interested parties, you have likely seen our history

of growth and now hopefully you're ready to hear our plans for the expansion of

our vision for FOOTHILLS FARM! Well, I am not only here to pique your interest,

but to inform you of our plans so that perhaps you too will find your place here!

Front and center is our most exciting news! Tina Melton! ..Please join us in welcoming Tina onto the FOOTHILLS FARM team! Tina, formerly from Montana, is a a professional gardener, craftsman, and builder. And making this a perfect fit, she knows PERMACULTURE design and gardening. She's been living and working in the North Georgia area for the last eight years. We are excited too, that she'll be bringing her two mustangs mares to winter down with us! Immediately, we will begin to build an Eco-garden on a site of about two acres. We'll have water features, herbs, vegetables, the whole of it, a magnificent food forest built in a delightful setting! Tina says it will be beautiful and of course functional, and I know it will!

For a stretch of 12 years now, FOOTHILLS FARM has been an equine boarding, training, and riding center. After much study and careful consideration, though, we made the decision to have only a select few, privately owned horses on site. We will not offer the horse business here any longer. The traffic flow and thus liabilities on livestock is simply too risky. At this time we are carving plans and implementing the initial execution stage of transitioning the former horse barn to be say, "The HORSEY ART BARN!" We will offer stalls to artisans and craftsmen who are interested in creating art for sale and exhibit their skills during busy times while folks hang out on the farm as we host events, in addition to our Hipcamp and farm house guests currently. We expect to host art exhibits & craft festivals, live music, large events of all sorts, and lastly, crop shares when in season. Wineries can hold sampling of their wares at some of our activities. Local youth groups and ministries are welcome to approach us for campfire story times or sponsor events for fund raisers at the HORSEY ART BARN and grounds.

The possibilities to grow in knowledge, experience, and development of revenue streams here with us are endless! Jump in now to gather more information. Give us a shout or simply stop in if you pass our entrance. Plug in with us by either contributing an investment of monetary disbursement, personal energy, or both. We will reap the returns blissfully!

We have so many things going on here, it's time to let the community at large come into the circle of expectations! As the progress takes place, don't sit idle and watch as the train cars and caboose pass you by ... we are creating c h a n g e here and having fun whilst doing so, come aboard!


Get outside,

Plant something


Join us,

let's plant & create a fun place to celebrate life!




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