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MARLA SELLS SOLAR! ...and here is what YOU need to know!

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I'm showing up in your news feed today with some big information on ENERGY SOLUTIONS and possible monster financial savings to pass on to you. Actual, real potential of earnings from this investment is indeed possible as well.

I am here promoting, POWUR, a game changer company. I am excited to finally be bringing the information to you about a rapidly expanding SOLAR company & concept!

The company has developed and put into place, a remarkable strategy to help one, help all, help our planet! One of the things that I love too, is that it gives back money and power to you, the home owner. Make the transition away from dirty, expensive energy to clean, FREE, SOLAR power. First, find out if the state which you reside within is one that we represent. Secondly if you meet POWUR'S requirements for a loan, then you are in for some OUTSTANDING NEWS! Check this link too, for instant answers to the big questions:

POWUR is offering a 1.4% interest rate on a loan for qualified home owners to professionally install FREE, SOLAR ENERGY on homes where it can work! We have dedicated, specifically trained crews throughout these states who will be scheduled to arrive shortly to your home after you sign up, qualify, and determine your exact strategy for your install!

You can work through POWUR'S keen, simple plan set in place. Begin the journey today

to check and see how you should never have to incur another electric bill.

For most home owners, by the time the mortgage is paid in full, so is the POWUR loan.

NO electricity bill ever again, ever! Some states and buy back excess power too, so another possibility to earn revenue stream from this investment.

Possibly you plan to sell your home soon. Add a long lasting, well performing

solar system, the one POWUR installs, now to your home. Your reward is immediate!

No doubt that adding FREE SOLAR ENERGY increases the value of your home! Let me repeat that. You will be adding increased value to your property immediately once installing a POWUR SOLAR ENERGY system. It's a WIN/WIN!

Dig in, now and have a hard look. Start with the video below. It is packed with all the information that you'll need in order to make a wise decision. Simply check on whether or not we are available in your state. Hop over to the map. The blue states are covered by POWUR. My state is not represented as of yet, but I've big disruption plans for that!

Sharpen your pencil, get ready to pioneer our future!

"We're empowering our community of homeowners and advisors to thrive

in the global shift to sustainable energy" POWUR

JOB and CAREER opportunities through POWUR are huge! POWUR makes it easy to

earn additional revenue, begin a new career pathway, work in the field, or acquire project funds with our Ambassador program. Watch the video below.

POWUR members are great to work with, have plenty of knowledge & resources and are willing to help. Like you, they want to be a part of the positive change, while earning income. Another fabulous feature set in place with POWUR, is that every single one of us who sells, works with a mentor for a minimum of 3 sales experiences. This insures success and consistency. Driven by success for all of us, once again, POWUR is a game changers in the ENERGY SOLUTIONS industry. Join up, you can be a game changer too,

All sorts of issues surrounding dirty energy can be corrected with free SOLAR energy.

Be one who promotes positive change for ALL!

As you go, or with all ya got, sell POWUR and free energy!

Try out POWUR! Put air in your sails! Get moving to reach your financial goals.

And in so doing, you can and will make a difference in ALL of our futures!

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